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Xaeros Minimap

Xaeros Minimap is like the name says a Minimap Mod for Minecraft. The list of features is incredible, including underground maps, waypoints, resource pack support and much more.

Journey Map

Journey Map is a good looking Minimap Mod for Minecraft. It also includes a native ingame worldmap, which is also viewable in a browser, if you configure it the correct way.

Storage Drawers

The Storage Drawers Mod adds a complete new good looking and highly functional storage system to the game, perfect for people who like the farming aspect of Minecraft.

Just Enough Items

Just Enough Items adds a complete overview of all available items, resources, blocks and tools into the game, aswell as their crafting recipe. It also supports other mods.


The Chisel Mod adds a huge amount of new style variations for different type of blocks. Simply craft the name giving Chisel and open the menu by right clicking it.


The Optifine Mods improves the overall performance of the game and adds a bunch of different graphic settings. It also supports shaders.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block brings a sort of gambling feature into Minecraft. It adds the name giving Lucky Block, which gives you different outcomes when you destroy it, depending on your luck.

Pams Harvestcraft

Pams Harvestcraft adds a bunch of new resources, foods, items, tools and blocks to the game. This is the perfect mod if you like the farming aspect of Minecraft.

Tinkers Construct

The Tinkers Construct Mod is designed for players, who are obsessed with the crafting features of the game. It adds new materials, tools, items and a few mobs.

Instant Massive Structures

Instant Massive Structures, or shortly ISM, lets you create amazing buildings and creations, with a simple block placement. Everything will be build automatically.

Naruto Mod

The Naruto Mod adds plenty of new features to the game, including new items, mobs, animations, a custom chakra system and many more.

Better PVP Mod

Many useful features are coming with this amazing mod, including a complete new user interface, a minimap and other incredible game additions.

Mod Versions

1.12.1 1.12
1.11.2 1.11
1.10.2 1.10
1.9.4 1.9.0
1.8.9 1.8.0
1.7.10 1.7.2


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